Your Complete Property Search Service

My Search & Acquisition service is fully comprehensive and provides you with the benefits and peace of mind of all-encompassing assistance from the start to the finish of your property search in either London or the country.

Acting as your single point of access to the whole property market I can find potentially suitable properties for you without you needing to deal directly with any of the estate agents yourself.  As a retained client of a reputable buying agent you can enjoy a notable advantage over the majority of other buyers interested in the same properties as you. I can also potentially gain access for you to off market properties that you may be unlikely to find yourself.

Using my Search & Acquisition service means you can continue your busy life with the minimum of disruption whilst I focus my time, experience and knowledge on finding the right properties for you to choose from and then negotiating the best price for you on the one that you want. Working closely with you at all times, liaising as necessary with the associated professionals involved (solicitors, surveyors, mortgage brokers etc) and acting on your instructions as required, I will work to ensure your best interests are looked after and will help you make a successful purchase of the right property for the best achievable price. Please see my FAQs for more information that you may find helpful.

(If you are property investor rather than an owner occupier buyer please go to my Investment Property service page.)

Who uses my Search & Acquisition service and when?

  • If you already know you don’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to carry out a search yourself then my full Search & Acquisition service is perfect for all your property search needs.
  • Have you been searching for a property yourself for a while? Are you spending hours online? Are the properties you like often under offer already? Are the places you have actually viewed been disappointing? I can help you avoid all of these frustrations, save you time and make your search easier, more enjoyable and more effective.
  • Have you previously had an offer accepted but then wondered if you could have got the property for less? Were you gazumped? Did the purchase fall through for a reason that you now think you could have taken a view on? Are you fed up with searching now? My full Search & Acquisition service will help get your property search back on track effectively and provide you with the benefit of support, guidance and professional representation when it comes to purchase related decision making.


My bespoke two step fee structure offers competitive and adaptable fee options…

  • Nominal on account Monthly Search Fees are payable during the search phase and are all fully deductible from the Success Fee.
  • My Success Fee is based on a small percentage of the purchase price of the acquired property. I am also happy to propose a fixed fee or a sliding scale fee structure for your consideration if preferred. Specific performance related elements can also be included.

As every search is different so fees rates are tailored accordingly and will naturally vary depending on the nature of your search and your proposed purchase budget. All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

For further details about fees and terms for using my Search & Acquisition service please do get in touch.

What do my clients say?...

“In all of our dealings we found Louise professional, having a great knowledge of her subject and dogged in terms of negotiating. We would have no hesitation in recommending her…”

Chelsea client

What do my clients say?...

“I have always been very impressed by Louise’s work. She has acted for me three times and each time has made the search process easier, more enjoyable and more effective…”

Notting Hill client

What do my clients say?...

“Dealing with Louise was, without a doubt, the best experience we ever had whilst looking for a property.Her unsurpassed professionalism, tenacity and insight helped us find our ideal property…”

South Kensington investment client