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Louise Crichton Property Search is an independent, privately owned boutique property search and acquisition agency that helps clients with all aspects of finding and buying, or renting, residential property in London and select country locations. With twenty six years of experience as a buying agent (please see About for more details) and rated by PrimeResi.com as one of Britain’s Top 50 Buying Agencies, I provide a bespoke, professional and highly personalised service dedicated to saving my clients time and money and reducing the “hassle factor” of their property search.

If you would like help from a skilled and experienced buying agent please do get in touch. I would be delighted to have an initial no obligation discussion about your requirements and the many ways in which I can help you.

Louise Crichton

Why Use a Property Search Agent?

Searching for a property to buy or rent can be a time consuming and frustrating process with disappointment and dismay a frequent part of most people’s experience. The internet teasingly promotes the idea that your dream property is now only a click away but the reality is that the task can be far from easy. Viewing lots of properties takes time, online imagery can be prove to be disappointingly misleading and the truth is that some of the best properties never even appear online. Even if you do manage to find a property yourself that you like then pitfalls lie in wait for the unwary when it comes to trying to negotiate a price and get a deal through. It can be a fraught and emotional process even if you have bought property before whereas for international buyers just knowing where to even start is a daunting prospect.

The solution is to use a property search agent, also known as a buying agent; a trusted and experienced professional who will act solely on your behalf, fully understanding your property needs and looking after your best interests throughout the whole process of searching for and identifying then successfully securing the right property, and ensuring you do so for the best possible price.

For more information about using a property search agent and answers to questions I am often asked please see my FAQs.

What do my clients say?...

“Louise has integrity, discretion, professionalism and excellent knowledge of her market – all in abundance. She saves time, money and sanity…”

London development client

What do my clients say?...

“Dealing with Louise was, without a doubt, the best experience we ever had whilst looking for a property.Her unsurpassed professionalism, tenacity and insight helped us find our ideal property…”

South Kensington investment client

What do my clients say?...

“We wanted to save our own time and have someone on our side to ensure we were paying a fair price. We wouldn’t consider buying another property without Louise alongside…”

Country house client