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Marking Twenty One Years of Louise Crichton Property Search: My New Website

March 2019 marks the twenty first birthday of Louise Crichton Property Search; my business has come of age. I remember the excitement of setting up on my own back in 1998 when there were only a handful of buying agencies out there. For my first client I acquired a charming flat in Holland Park for the princely sum of £200,000. It was a joy of a deal and I reveled in the reality of my new self-employed life as a buying agent.

I have acted for a fascinating and diverse mixture of clients over the years since then, acquiring all sorts of properties for them, for all sorts of budgets, and relishing the negotiating challenges often posed. I have never lost sight of how I started though and what my business is all about. Property may be the product but being a search agent is fundamentally about people; helping them realise their property dreams whilst guiding them away from potential nightmares.

It can be a challenging task and one that requires tenacity and patience at times but I still revel in it. Being a self employed buying agent is a lifestyle really, not just a job.

As for some of the day to day practicalities of running an independent property search business for twenty one years I have worked my way through four laptops, five mobile phones, eight cars (yes, I have a penchant for cars) and now four websites. Technology has changed beyond recognition since 1998; I have fond memories of my first brick like Nokia phone, when phones were just for phone calls, and my first website which was made over a weekend by a computer savvy friend who said I needed one.

There is no doubt that in this digital age a top quality website really is a key asset for any business so to move with the changing times it is my pleasure to now present the completely new look . To mark the start of this new chapter for my business I have gone green, literally – I am delighted with my new brand and in awe of the very clever technology that lies behind the lovely looking pages. Suffice to say it has taken a whole lot longer than a weekend to put together! With huge thanks to the great team at Resolution Design for their creative flair, guidance and help and to Cristina Barton Photography for embracing the challenge I set her.

I would also like to thank all my past and present clients for their kind instructions and support over the past twenty one years. I am looking forward to helping more people in need of property search assistance in both London and the country for many more years to come.

Inclusion in “Britain’s Top 50 Buying Agencies” Index as rated by
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