Helping you Purchase a Property You have Already Found

There are circumstances when you may have found a property yourself but you want professional help to negotiate a price and get the deal through. Maybe the property in question is a private sale and you don’t want to handle negotiations directly with the vendor yourself. Maybe you have had an unpleasant experience with an estate agent when negotiating a previous property purchase and have decided it makes sense to have professional help this time from a seasoned buying agent who can handle it all for you. Maybe the opportunity has arisen to buy a property you have been renting but you don’t know how much to pay for it.

Whatever the reason my bespoke Acquisition Only service, in effect covering everything but the “Search”, can provide you with the professional help you need to successfully purchase a property you have found yourself in London or the country¬†for a price that makes sense.

Please see my FAQs for further information that you may find helpful.


What is the scope of my Acquisition Only service?

To protect your best interests, give you the peace of mind of a professional, objective second opinion and help ensure that you pay the right price for a property you have already found yourself. My service includes…

  • An objective inspection of the property and an assessment of any problems/issues that may impact on value or may actually undermine the wisdom of buying it.
  • Research and analysis to help determine what price to pay for the property, taking in to account all available facts, prevailing circumstances and market conditions.
  • Bidding strategy recommendations with skilled negotiations then carried out on your behalf until an outcome is reached.
  • Proactive deal management throughout the due diligence and conveyancing period, liaising as necessary with solicitors, surveyors, mortgage brokers etc and troubleshooting if required to help ensure progression to a successful exchange of contracts and beyond to completion.



My bespoke two step fee structure offers competitive and adaptable fee options…

  • Nominal on account Monthly Instruction Fees are payable during the period of time I am instructed¬† and are all fully deductible from the Success Fee.
  • My Success Fee is based on a small percentage of the purchase price of the acquired property. I am also happy to propose a fixed fee or a sliding scale fee structure for your consideration if preferred. Specific performance related elements can also be included.

As every acquisition is different so fees rates are tailored accordingly and will naturally vary depending on the type of property involved and and the anticipated purchase value. All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

For further details about fees and terms for using my Acquisition Only service to help you purchase a property you have already found please do get in touch.

What do my clients say?...

“We wanted to save our own time and have someone on our side to ensure we were paying a fair price. We wouldn’t consider buying another property without Louise alongside…”

Country house client

What do my clients say?...

“In all of our dealings we found Louise professional, having a great knowledge of her subject and dogged in terms of negotiating. We would have no hesitation in recommending her…”

Chelsea client

What do my clients say?...

“Louise’s perseverance paid off and she found the perfect house. We would recommend her to anyone whose time is too precious to waste playing games with estate agents…”

Putney client