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Adding Value for my Clients as a Search Associate Member of The London Broker Network

Life as an independent buying agent can at times feel akin to pulling a sledge across a snow covered expanse, with all of the risks, responsibilities and administrative demands of self employment, combined with the commitment, knowledge and energy required to deliver the outcomes my clients seek, piled high on the sledge behind me.

Independence and freedom to work the way I choose does of course bring with it rewarding moments of success and professional fulfilment but equally it requires a strength of spirit and resolve to keep ploughing on alone and pulling that metaphorical sledge in to the biting winds of difficult times if they arise.

The pandemic has brought with it unprecedented winds of difficult times for many people, both professionally and personally. As life in lockdown started in March 2020 I galvanised myself for the long, uncertain and solitary haul ahead and there seemed little to feel reassured or uplifted by.

A couple of months later I was however greatly cheered to be invited to join The London Broker network, the brainchild of Rupert Collingwood a long standing entrepreneurial agent contact and friend.

The London Broker is a collective of leading independent property brokers, a close knit network of experienced individuals working across the prime London, country and international markets. The brokerage’s technical platform allows member brokers to work collaboratively as and when they wish, share ideas and knowledge if they want to, and use the platform and network to enhance and further improve the service we all provide to our own clients. Think of it as a melting pot of experience, individuality and endeavour. All of us run our own independent property businesses and so continue to pull our own sledges… the joy is we are doing so within sight of each other.

Becoming part of The London Broker network is one of the few positive changes that 2020 brought to my professional life and it has made a notable difference to my personal experience of hauling through the pandemic to date too. From the simple joy of weekly online get togethers, to embracing clever and value adding technology and onwards to contributing to the forthcoming first edition of The Brokerage magazine, I’d like to thank The London Broker. It has been akin to an energy bar, giving me the extra pep to get through some of the darker days of the pandemic but most importantly enabling me to further enhance the quality of the service I provide for my clients.

I greatly look forward to life and business post pandemic and am delighted to be taking my long established boutique search agency forwards as a Search Associate member of The London Broker network.

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